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Marketing Research: Boost Your Success Rate

Making decisions on “gut feel” can be disastrous — and cause your product or business to fail.

"The main benefit was the discovery of the unexpected."


Qualitative Focus Group Research

The World of “Discovery Research”

Qualitative research is often referred to as discovery research because it is utilized many times when you don’t even know what you don’t know!  Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews (most commonly referred to as IDIs) are key methods to understand the “why” behind the answers a respondent may provide. Understanding the reasons for a response is many times more actionable than simply getting the response.  For example, if you are selling a medical devise and the respondent says they don’t like the design, you are left with a very limited amount of information.  But if you can ask why they don’t like it and they say because it will not stack well in our limited storage space area, you can gain specific design insight as to how the device may need to be changed and become more acceptable to your target customer.  Learn more about Focus Group Research

Quantitative Survey Research

Projectable Survey Research

When you hear the term Quantitative Research, most often someone is referring to survey research.  It’s important to know if the survey research results you obtain will be projectable and represent the entire base of the population you’re targeting.  Not all survey research is projectable, and what determines if it is or isn’t will be based on the methodology used when selecting respondents for the survey base to be analyzed.  Learn more about Survey Research

Marketing Consulting Services

Jeff Anderson Consulting is more than a firm that conducts research.  Many companies can meticulously run tabs and present numbers.  Just as looking at a sheet of music will not allow one to carry a tune if they don’t know how to interpret the notes, we pride ourselves on delivering the melody and the music.  Formulating the strategy and the implications of the research we’ve performed is how we guide our clients to gain a strategic advantage over the competition.  We have years of experience in advertising, public relations, digital, social and mobile media in which to rely upon as possible marketing and business solutions from the research findings we obtain.  Learn more about Marketing Consulting


Customer Testimonials

"Jeff was Marketing and Research Director at the CBS Affiliate, KFMB Stations. His knowledge of research, media and promotional opportunities are unmatched. A true professional who is always true to his word." Craig Blanke, Account Executive, KFMB RADIO

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